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Married on Mars

Donna Noble

A Donna Noble Community
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Welcome to marriedonmars, a community for Doctor Who, Donna Noble and the lovely and talented Catherine Tate who plays her.

Anything goes when it comes to Donna. So go wild. Walk in the dust. And if you're so inclined, feel free to ship her with her favorite Martian &/or Martha Jones.
1.) No hate. No bashing. None of any sort will be tolerated.

2.) Use lj-cuts ( < lj - cut text =" " > < / lj -cut > ) for spoilers, images and anything offensive (porn, swears, so on).

3.) Fanfic, vids, graphics, and mixes are okay as long as they involve Donna &/or Catherine Tate in some form.

4.) Please don't link to locked posts. If you want the entry on your journal to remain locked, post your work straight to the comm so that everyone can enjoy it without the necessity of having to friend your journal.

5.) Cross-post, do not link discussions from other communities. Clarification here.

6.) Questions? Concerns? Use the Page-A-Mod service.

If anyone is being offensive or rude, let us know ASAP!
Your friendly neighborhood mods:


Use the Page-A-Mod service to contact us.

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